You can significantly streamline the home-buying process by making an online home application, which is then submitted to multiple banks on your behalf.

Article summary

  • Online home applications only require information related specifically to you and to the property you are buying, removing the need to fill out long forms.
  • Supporting documentation can be submitted along with the online application, removing the need to fax, email, or visit ooba Home Loans’ offices.
  • Once the application is complete, ooba Home Loans takes over, submitting it to multiple banks and providing you with the quotes to compare, so you can get the best deal on your home loan.

You’d think buying a home would be a complex and intimidating process, but the ability to apply online for your home loan changes everything. Now it becomes a simple, streamlined process that you can complete in five minutes or less.

It’s nice to know that once you identify the property you want and have signed the offer to purchase, all you have to do apply online with a home loan comparison service like ooba Home Loans, and the rest is taken care of for you.

Online home loan application: How it works

You can apply online with ooba Home Loans through their website, where you also have the option to speak to an expert. The process is completely free, and will involve filling in your details and some details about the property you’re applying for, and submitting some supporting documentation. Once you’ve done that, ooba Home Loans takes over from there, submitting your application to multiple banks, including your own.

The process is streamlined to ensure your application goes smoothly, and that there aren’t any bumps in the road.

Why you should apply for a home loan online

  • With ooba Home Loans, applying online will not require you to fill out any long forms. All that is needed is information related to the property.
  • You can upload supporting documentation at the same time, and sign it electronically, removing the need for you to fill out forms and scan them, or visit the ooba home loan offices.
  • ooba Home Loans will submit your application to up to nine banks, providing you with multiple quotes to compare so you have your choice of the best deal.